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    “There is a campaign under way to essentially destroy the public education system along with every aspect of human life and attitudes and thought that involve social solidarity. It’s being done in all sorts of ways. One is simply by underfunding. So, if you can make the public schools really rotten, people will look for an alternative. Any service that’s going to be privatized, the first thing you do is make it malfunction so people can say, “We want to get rid of it. It’s not running. Let’s give it to Lockheed.” — Noam Chomsky, The Progressive Magazine, September 1999, p.37
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    “To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of men their individualism, loyalty to family traditions, national patriotism, and religious dogmas.” - Brock Chisholm, Director UN World Health Organization (1948-53).
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Why Teachers’ Unions Matter

Nowadays a newspaper cannot be opened — or a TV turned on — without one being subjected to anti-teacher misinformation.  The anti-teacher hysteria looks diverse on the surface, but underneath, this public controversy seeks to dislodge teachers unions: the right-wing trashes teachers’ unions outright, while the “liberal” media takes a more subtle, sophisticated approach, blaming the state of public education on “bad teachers” who must be fired and replaced.  Both styles are the same in essence.   Read More…


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  1. . Union members seem to believe that a raise is earned by bargaining rather than by excellent classroom performance or on-the-job performance.
    $23 Billion dollar bailout to the teachers unions. (paid their unfunded pensions, healthcare plans and benefits?)
    This is on top of the $100 Billion given to education, $48 billion in direct aid to states for education. And more.
    Everyone’s Taxes are Paying for the Indoctrination of America’s Children.
    At the Top of NEA’s Recommended Reading List is:
    ‘Rules for Radicals’ by Saul Alinsky, a Neo-Marxist that espoused the 13 Ways to Overthrow the USA.

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